11 Şubat 2013 Pazartesi


1- Madday - Walking On Sunbeams
Sergey Matusevich a.k.a. Madday; we discovered that Belarussian Dj/Producer who comes from Minsk with his amazing deep house song. We loved that song, usage of vocals, keys; great beats and soulful ambience. It's already one of our favorites on February up to now...

2-Dumb Dan - Ele (Jesper Samuelson 2013 Remix)
We don' t know about Dumb Dan so much but we searched about it and find that he is Daniel Lindeberg  a.k.a. Gary Baldi(one of his aliases) who has remixed Monitor 66's beautiful song "Her Bells" but better known as a half of Swedish Duo "Drop Out Orchestra". Jesper Samuelson a.k.a. Samuelzone from Stockholm remixed that song and ranked 2nd place in a remix competition, then he decided to make lower tempo version and the reason is a summer dreaming nu disco bomb for us.

3- Ghost Loft - Seconds
LA based producer Danny Choi a.k.a. Ghost Loft is the creator of this addictive amazing tune. Chilly vocals, tranquillizer synths, misty beats make feel slowmotion biking to the afterglow without using your hands... It's just splendid...

4- Glenn Dale - "UNI" (Original Mix)
Glenn Dale comes from LA too. This song is one of the best unexplored songs of last year for us but it has released 1st February officially. We heard it firstly at one of our friend's mixtape and then Zimmer played it  inhis January Tape "Brighter Days". It doesn't need to describe, only listen and feel it, feel the serenity, individuality and sensuality...

5-Male Mademe - Sunny Saint Mark (Cameo Culture Remix)
Remember New Yorker Dj/Producer Dave Robertson a.k.a. Cameo Culture; his song " Parts Of You And I(Slow Hands Remix)" was in our Palm Selection Of 2012, Top 10 Remixes. This time one of our favorite producers remixes Male Madame a.k.a Slow Hands. We liked that tune; especially the usage of bells, it's simple and in a word cool.

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