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"Palm Tunes Happy Tunes..."

Happy March :)

We know we can't write to blog so much but we will as we can do more. We are back to disco scene and last month on February we have listened lots of happy palmy songs. We have newcomers and beautiful songs those we can't give place all of them at our selection. French producer Terrence Darius aka Darius was the star of February for us. If you haven't heard about him yet, check his splendid EP "Romance".

This month we have 15 songs including Bearson, Follow Me, Slow Hands, Moon Boots, Plastic Plates, Chris Malinchak, AIMES, Hayes, Le Youth, 5 Reasons, Touch Sensitive, NSFW, Jean Tonique, TCTS. We hope you enjoy our selection and if you want to listen our Palm Tape February 2014 click our soundcloud page under the below...

This is Palm Tunes February 2014 Dream, Smile, Believe, Respect, Dance and Luv!!!!
Palm Tunes Happy Tunes...

Bim De La Disco - Palm Tape February 14

01- SOHN - Lessons (Bearson Remix)

02- Darius - Hot Hands

03- Dr. Midnight - Knife (Slow Hands Remix)

04- Follow Me - If You Leave

05- Touch Sensitive - Slowments

06- Chris Malinchak - Forever

07- AIMES - Time For Us

08- SvanSikh - Disco Day (5 Reasons Remix)

09- Kraak & Smaak - Love Inflation (NSFW Remix)

10- Plastic Plates - Stay In Love (feat Sam Sparro)

11- The Alexanders ft. Anna Lunoe - Don't Miss (Jean Tonique Remix)

12- Moon Boots - C.Y.S.

13- Hayes - Grapevine (Vocal Mix)

14- Shivum Sharma - Flickr (TCTS Remix)

15- Chromeo - Come Alive (Le Youth Remix)

26 Kasım 2013 Salı

Estate - Higher

Josh Johnson, Dan Kramer, Jessie Lesmeister whose are the members of Minneapolis based music band Estate. If you are interested in 80's oriented music, electro, funk, synths and deeper vocals, we hope you'll enjoy their latest single called "Higher". After the success of "Slipstream" EP and a several great remixes this trio give us a new beautiful vocal synth track. We loved it and hope you'll enjoy...

This is interesting and full of intelligent video of the single by Josh Ethan Johnston.

25 Kasım 2013 Pazartesi

J-Art & Madan - You Are My Summertime feat. Chouchou

Maybe it's rainy outside or it's a snowy day out there but if you are a summer migrant person listen this summer soul tropic fresh tune. Jean-Armel Dujardin from Paris, France who is better known under the moniker J-Art and a newcomer producer Madan aka Matthieu Adda from Paris take us to the warm beachside memories with the beautiful vocals of Chouchou(Ivelina Todorova). After releasing beautiful summer bomb remix of "FCL - It's You" and also remixes of "Goldroom" and "Above & Beyond", this tropic duo give us a new original fruit called "You're My Summertime" from the unique French label "Belle Boutique". If you dream about sunny days and calling someone you are my summertime, this jam suits your interest. Usage of percussions and synths meet with deepness of violin; the reason is funky sunny summer disco melodies. Enjoy!!!

22 Kasım 2013 Cuma

Perseus - Shadow Of The Beast

Leon Oziel better known as Perseus who is the boss of  the label "French Express, released his new slow disco jam finally. If you've listened his Boiler Room Set carefully last month, it was the closing track of set and it was the opening trick of The Magician's "Magic Tape 37". After his brilliant releases "Seychelles" and "Love In Zanzibar" we've been waiting for a long time for a new smooth bomb from Perseus. And now here is the new Perseus; The Boss In Harness!!!

20 Kasım 2013 Çarşamba


1- Kulkid - Have I Ever Told You
As you know we are the big fans of tropicalism and here is a new fresh tropical fruit of Kulkid from Alps; France. He was caught by our radar  seven months ago with his splendid remix for Woodkid - Boat Song and after releasing gorgeous remixes such names as Foals, American Authors, Asaf Avidan, Sir Sly and many more Kulkid is one of the best newcomers in 2013 on scene for us. Last month he released his original first song called "U Were The One" and now he shows us his higher abilities and original sound waves with his new tune "Have I Ever Told You". Let's watch his surfing on the waves of sound.

2- AYER - Circle Down (Keljet Remix)
Danny Schmittler and Mickey Valen whose are the names behind AYER which is a new indie electronica band from Brooklyn. They released their debut single "Circle Down" three weeks ago which was influenced 80's and now Keljet who is the indie disco representative of The Netherlands remixed it. Keljet's talented hands give some bass, groove and put some retro synths to it for warming up the dancefloors and the reason is more uptempo journey with splendid synths. Get ready for future AYER!

3- Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Atlas Hands (Thomas Jack Remix)
We know it's cold outside but if you want to remember your summer memories and warm up just volume up your speakers and headphones. If you haven't heard about Thomas Jack yet don't miss his tropical sounds. Thomas Jack comes from Australia and he has a very special style that combines beautiful instruments such as violins, saxophone, flutes, trumpets, pianos with tropical elements and makes house music. During six months he has remixed songs of Adrian Lux, Of Monsters and Men, and many more lastly he released his beautiful dreamy tune "Symphony". He is one of the best inventions of tropical house in 2013 for us and here is his last remix; listen his tropical storms and enjoy...

4- Flight Facilities - Stand Still (feat. Micky Green)
Australian duo Flight Facilities whisper their new single "Stand Still" to us with a whistle and smooth vocals by Sydney born Paris based singer Micky Green. They shows us why they deserve to be on top again with this lovely electro pop song. Is there anyone knows this guys produce bad songs? Single includes three remixes by Tom Cruise, Wave Racer and Lithuanian Mario Basanov.

5- DrDr - Don't Break It ( KAASI Remix) 
London based producer KAASI has produced this pretty smooth remix for DrDr who is a unique name for us and hope you enjoy this collaboration while you are lying on a sofa and have relax.

8 Kasım 2013 Cuma


01- Zimmer - Galapagos
One of our favorite producers Parisian Mister Baptiste Zimmer take us to the summer freshness with his new single "Galapagos". This is slo-mo nu disco or we can say it tropicalism; forget about the genre and just relax with the vibes of Zimmer and drums by Crayon and think about your tropical dream and enjoy!

02- Convaire - Talk in Technicolour (Dino Soccio Remix)
Convaire is a Aussie band full of drums, guitars and sytnhs; we heard about this band with their amazing indie pop song "Talk in Technicolour" and than Chicago based producer Dino Soccio' s version fascinated us. 

03- Kris Menace - Mona
Kris Menace who have more than one string to one's fiddle hits again with sharing the opening track "Mona" of his new album " The Entirety Of Matter" which released on 1st of November via Compuphonic. If you like electronica full of synths, this album is for you. A little bit melancholy but mostly dreamy peaceful. This is the first track of album but you should listen the full album and favorite of us "Amour Fou".

04- Punks Jump Up - Fairlight (Club Mix)
We were waiting this talented duo since last year and finally they gave away a new track named "Fairlight" wit two versions video and club. Both of them are great but we want to share club version which is more energetic and has tuneful synths; hope you enjoy...

05- Bodhi - No More (Charles Murdoch Remix)
Nowadays we are addicted to UK Duo Bodhi' s sounds as you now "No More" was in our Palm Tunes October selection. They have released "Imperfection/No More" EP via one of our favorites label Future Classic on October and now a rising member of this family Charles Murdoch who is priorly known as Charlie Why! touched "No More" and the reason is pure beauty!

7 Kasım 2013 Perşembe


" Palm Tunes, Happy Tunes "

Lovely November;

We have no time to share any music articles last few months and haven't release August and September chart but be sure that we listened and collected lots of beautiful songs in many genres. But at first we want to talk about our personal stars of last months. To be honest, Disco genre is more captivating last year and for us there were more original and unique productions at the scene. This year Disco and Nu Disco genres proceeded to another phase with Deep house, G-House and UK Garage and we loved this combination. 

Last months and especially October is the month of Chris Baio' s month with his tremendous EP named "Mira" and of course Australian Jarrah McCleary who has released second EP "Always" under the moniker Panama. Both of two artists released their productions from Aussie label Future Classic and this label deserves to be on top again. UK is on attack last mont with the stars Route 94, Bodhi; Boean, and Ejeca. In addition to these names  pioneer of the genre Goldroom and The Magician released fantastic works and also Chromeo and Cut Copy shared new songs of their upcoming albums and you shouldn't miss them. 

Out of disco stuff if you want to listen some sounds; you should listen Irish based producer Mano Le Tough aka Niall Mannion we addicted his productions last few months and take notice of a Spanish Label called "Suara"; maybe Suara is the most soaring label of 2013 in electronic dance music scene.

This month we gave place mostly disco based house productions that mostly released on October; including TACHES, Chordashian, Patafunk, The Magician, Gold Fields, L D R U and many more... These are the palmier tunes of October and hope you enjoy our selection.

This is Palm Tunes October 2013 and you can also listen Palm Tape on our soundcloud page. Dream, Smile, Believe; Respect, Dance and Luvenjoooy!!!

Bim De La Disco - Palm Tape October 2013

01- Baio - Banj

02- Storm Queen - Look Right Through (Route 94 Remix)

03- YesYou - So Much To Give (L D R U Remix)

04- Ninetoes - Finder (Kraver's '84 Version)

05- Klaves - Right Thing (Figgy Remix)

06- Miami Horror - Real Slow (Gold Fields Remix)

07- TAAK - REAL (Original Mix)

08- Bodhi - No More

09- The Magician - Enchanted Land

10- Treasure Fingers & The Knocks - My Body (Patafunk Remix)

11- Chordashian - Skyscraper Souls feat. Freedom Fry

12- Bear Mountain - Faded (Natural Animal Remix)

13- Bloc Party - Montreal (Ejeca Remix)

14- BeatauCue - Sector Alpha

15- Naughty Boy ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre - Think About It (TÂCHES Remix)