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" Palm Tunes Happy Tunes "

Hello April;

We know that we have not to spare enough time for the blog but be sure we have listened lots of palmy tunes on March. Again and again it was very hard to choose 15 palmy tunes of the month but finally we did it. We have lots of new comers on March  such as Austrian deep house producer from Salzburg Florian Scheinast a.k.a. Scheinizzl and Constance Amiot a.k.a. Constance from France. Graeme Shepherd better known as G.R.U.M. and French Express' new star Erkka are back and they smashed the dance floors again. We had lots of different genres such as deep house, nu disco, tropic disco, electro house and etc. and we hope you can find suitable songs, beats, melodies for your musical taste. All these songs are our favorites and we are upset about to leave lots of our favorites out of selection. Our personal favoristes of March are Glenn Dale' s "WR1", Duke Dumont's fabulous remix for HAIM' s "Falling" and a little bit different style of Polkadot's remix for DrDr "Addicted"... E-Spectro's amazing remix for Max Cooper ft. Braids "Pleasures", Kidnap Kid's " Animaux", RÜFÜS, BICEP/EJECA's piano magic; like we said before these all are our favorites and we hope you enjoy.

It's time for Palm Tunes March 2013, you can also listen the Palm Tape March 2013 that includes monthly palmy tunes on our soundcloud page. Dream, Smile, Believe; Dance and Luvenjoooy...

Bim De La Disco - Palm Tape March 2013

01- Max Manie - The Ocean (Orginal Mix)

02- Fly O Tech - Clocks

03- Moe Turk feat. Sanna Heartfield - Plan (Original Mix)

04- Finnebassen - 15K

05- Local Natives - Breakers (Cosmic Kids Remix)

06- HAIM - Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)

07- Glenn Dale - WR1

08- Max Cooper ft. Braids - Pleasures (E-Spectro Remix)

09- Sid Le Rock - She Smiles (Orginal Mix)

10- VILLΛGE - Wanna Tell You (Henry Krinkle Remix)

11- Beckwith - End Of Brooklyn

12- DrDr - Addicted (Polkadot Remix)

13- Kidnap Kid - Animaux

14- RÜFÜS - Take Me

15- BICEP / EJECA - You (EJECA's Piano Version)

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